Clustering programs

Programs designed and implemented by M. Göker for sequence clustering and related tasks. If you use any of the programs in a publication, please cite this web page. Each of the zip files with software contains three executables (for Linux, MacOS10, and Windows).

Clustering optimization

The program OPTSIL is a tool for the optimization of threshold-based linkage clustering runs. It was developed for molecular taxonomy, even though other applications are possible. The typical usage is to conduct clusterings for a series of distance thresholds, and to calculate the agreement between each resulting partition and one or several reference partitions. The optimal threshold values are those for which the agreement is highest. The whole range of linkage clustering approaches from single linkage to complete linkage can be optimized.


The zip archive provided for download also contains readme and example files.

Publications using OPTSIL

Talks about OPTSIL

Auxiliary programs


In case you have any questions regarding these programs, send an e-mail to support [at] goeker [dot] org. Please include the name of the program somewhere in the subject.

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